Purpose of service

Through convenient, fast, flexible, multi-channel service mode to provide our customers with timely, in place, the value of professional services.

Service Mode

  1. Phone Support
    Whether Day is a holiday or a working day, we will provide telephone support 24 hours a day to respond to hotline; to provide you with advice, technical answers, system maintenance and so on.
  2. Remote Control
    Using TeamViewr to administer customer's computers anytime, anywhere as if we were directly sat in front of them.
  3. Fax, e-mail
    You can send email when you don't have time to ask by phone or need to explain in detail. (not very urgent). We will promptly respond to your email.
  4. Online Message
    We will reply via Skype or QQ.

Service charges

  1. If the problem is caused by software quality. Free forever.
  2. Otherwise, One year free.